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Hi, I am Sabrina Williams!

I spent way too many years in environments where my voice was often muted. I was unseen, undervalued, and undermined. I ended up forgetting my worth and how to love myself. We often place other people's desires above our own and focus on our needs. After finding the right community, I found the courage to forgive myself for staying in places that didn't support my growth. I decided to reclaim my value, and start shining again! As a result of witnessing too many individuals, especially women, experiencing stumbling blocks to success and being silenced, I became energized to empower you to also S-H-I-N-E!

  • You are too brilliant
  • You are too talented
  • You are too valuable

Stop shrinking when you were created to shine!

I created the S-H-I-N-E Framework™ to challenge individuals like you to Show-up for yourselves as you Honor your God-given gifts, talents, and skills, while you Invest in yourself, utilize your Network, and Embrace all of your brilliance!

The Shine Bright with Sabrina Podcast is another method to assist with your shining.

It is time to (re)claim your value and SHINE, as you were created to do! Together we shine brighter!

(Re)Claim Your Value and


A podcast where we shine a light on the incredible work of nonprofits, small businesses, and entrepreneurs making a positive impact in their communities!

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Optional Presentation Topics

Words Can Impact Your Growth: Speak Life

Your Voice Matters: Your Voice Is Your Superpower

I Love ME Some Me: Self-Love & Self-Care

Embracing Your Brilliance: Stop Shrinking, Start Shining! You Are Needed!

The S-H-I-N-E Experience: Multi-week Journey to (Re)Discover Your Value and Show Up as The Best Version of Yourself Unapologetically!


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"I would recommend the shine experience to others because so many people need to know how great and valuable they are, which is one of the biggest takeaways!"

- T. Edwards

"Affirmed that it is ok to utilize my time, talent, and treasures. Just because I stand out doesn’t mean anyone else shrinks!"

- A. Dunston

"Sabrina has an open-mind, doesn’t judge, and is a great listener! She gives you her honest opinion!."

- M. Medlock

"This was mind opening! First time I spent multiple weeks... where black women were able to come together in a sisterhood."

- E. Mayfield